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Soup Embassy is Nigeria’s biggest online retailer of ready to eat soup. It has over time, proven to be the most convenient and trusted online soup market. It is a place where you can buy fresh prepared pot of your favorite soup. With Soup Embassy, you have an you have an unlimited variety of soups to pick from. Some fresh Nigerian soups on our menu includes Afang Soup, Banga Soup, Efo- Riro Soup, Edikang Ekong Soup, Ogbono Soup, Ewedu Soup, Atama Soup, Bitterleaf Soup, Fisherman Soup, Oha Soup, Egusi Soup, Okro Soup, Ofe Nsala (White Soup), Ofada Sauce, Ofe Owerri Okazi Soup, Gbegiri Soup, Snail Sauce, Chicken Stew (1 full chicken, gizzard and ponmo), Crab and Shrimp Sauce, Beef Stew (Beef N Ponmo), Fish Stew, Chicken and Shrimp Sauce, Goat Meat Stew, Seafood Okro, Goat Meat Pepper Soup, Fresh fish Pepper Soup, etc.

Unlike others that require you to make payment upfront, Soup Embassy gives you an option to conveniently pay Cash on Delivery or online using your ATM card. This gives you the chance to access your order and make sure they are in good condition before you make payment. People get hungry all day at odd hours too, that is exactly why Soup Embassy runs all day. All you need is one trial and you will totally be convinced and realize what you have been missing all this while. Soup Embassy is built to help persons with busy daily schedule to feed their families with healthy homemade Soups. All soups comes with beef, ponmo (kanda/cowskin), stockfish and smoked fish. Additional stuffs includes extra cost. Soup delivery, buy soup online, soup places near me, order soup online, soups online. 

When you buy soup online from Soup Embassy and get it delivered fresh to you. Soup Embassy is number one (1) when it comes to deals and the most mouth-watering giveaways. Offering its service to everyone in Abuja, you order gets to you wherever you are in the nation’s capital -your office, a friend’s place, at home, anywhere you are, Soup Embassy will deliver your products to you for as little as nothing. Now you can enjoy the fast rate of online shopping, the convenience and hassle free of fast delivery and the value of original groceries can be yours from the comfort of your home or wherever you are in Lagos or Abuja. You can order Nigerian soups online.Want to buy soup online You just got an option. Ordering homemade soup online just got easier in Lagos and  Abuja. Nigeria's food culture has been shaped by many influences by the countless indigenous tribes and our soups reflects vast diversity. While it may be hard for you to know how to prepare another tribes soup well, online soup delivery firms like Soup Embassy, you will be able to enjoy culinary traditional soups from all parts of the country. You can now order soup online for home delivery and enjoy the rich diversity of Nigeria's soup from all culture. Soup delivery in Nigeria is now popular with people of all ages and backgrounds who want the ease the hustles of making their soup. It makes little difference if you are looking for a traditional Nigerian soup, Soup Embassy is making it easy order your favourite soup from the best cooks.

Buying Soups and Stews from Soup Embassy is ideal for anyone that barely has time to cook and wants that special home-made meal that makes you fall in love with African cuisine all over again. Our pot of soup are usually packaged in a 4 liters bowl filled with all the best spices and ingredients that makes you lick your lips every time you have a taste. It is richly packed with nutrients and covers almost every essential vitamin and mineral needed by the body. Soup Embassy's rich nutritious soup takes a lot of skill to prepare and when done properly would leave you wanting more and more. The 4 liters quantity is perfect for at least 10 servings. If it is just you, you can take what you need and put back into the freezer. Just select your favorite, click add to cart and we will deliver to your doorstep.

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Soup Embassy now offers speedy soup delivery in Lagos and Abuja.All you have to do to get your favorite of soup prepared and delivered to your home while you go around doing your daily routine is just to visit our website www.soupembassy.com, select your preferred soup, add to cart and check out. Unlike others that require you to make payment upfront, Soup Embassy gives you an option to conveniently pay Cash on Delivery or online using your ATM card.
Before now, the Abuja based soup retailer limited home delivery to Abuja and environs alone but has decided to extend their services to Lagos because of the frequent orders they turn down from their loyal who have moved to Lagos. All soups comes with 20 pieces of beef, ponmo (kanda/cowskin), stockfish and smoked fish in 4 Litres bowl.

Soup Embassy is working to help busy persons in urban areas who barely have the time to cook at home due to a busy lifestyle created by work stress and the constant traffic congestion that hinder them from been able to cook. Soup Embassy offer to persons with little or no time to go to the market after work and prepare their desired home-made meals an option of getting well prepared Nigerian dishes, cooked under very hygienic conditions and replacing the eat-out options they’ve been compelled to live.

The soups are delivered to homes fresh and can be stored in the freezer for future encounters, defrosted when hunger knocks and savoured with your favourite meals. Whether customers are stuck in traffic, live long miles away from home, children gets back from school before the parents, Soup Embassy is all you need.